Explore Holiday & Caravan Parks in
Bicheno, TAS

Discover the coastal charm of Bicheno, Tasmania, where an unforgettable holiday awaits at our delightful holiday and caravan parks!

Nestled along the sparkling Tasman Sea, Bicheno invites you to indulge in a seaside escape like no other. From thrilling water adventures and encounters with unique wildlife to relaxing on sun-kissed beaches, Bicheno offers a perfect blend of excitement and tranquility.

Choose from a range of cozy accommodations, including beachfront cabins with stunning views, and embrace the coastal ambiance. So pack your sense of adventure, and get ready for a vacation that will leave you with cherished memories in this idyllic coastal paradise!

Seaview Holiday Park, Bicheno, Tasmania

29 Banksia St, Bicheno TAS 7215, Australia
Accommodation Options
Powered campsites unpowered campsites cabins bunkhouse
Camp kitchen laundry playground barbecue area
Price Rating $

Bicheno East Coast Holiday Park

4 Champ St, Bicheno TAS 7215, Australia
Accommodation Options
Non-powered campsites powered campsites cabins villas apartments
Modern amenities block laundry children's playground barbecue area camp kitchen/rec room off street car parking
Price Rating $$

Things To Do & See in
Bicheno, TAS

Welcome to the captivating coastal town of Bicheno, Tasmania, where a world of adventure and relaxation awaits you! Here’s a list of must-do activities to make the most of your holiday in Bicheno:

Image credit: Bicheno Penguin Tours

Bicheno Penguin Tours

Witness the adorable little penguins waddling back to their nests at dusk on the Bicheno Penguin Tours. It’s an enchanting experience for the whole family!

Governor Island Marine Reserve

Dive into the crystal-clear waters of the Governor Island Marine Reserve and snorkel amidst colorful fish and beautiful coral reefs. Explore the underwater wonders of this marine paradise.

Glass Bottom Boat Tour

Take a glass-bottom boat tour and marvel at the diverse marine life below. Spot playful dolphins, majestic seals, and perhaps even a graceful whale passing by.

Bicheno Blowhole

Marvel at the powerful Bicheno Blowhole as it shoots seawater high into the air, creating a spectacle of nature’s force.

Rock Lobster Fishing

Embark on a rock lobster fishing adventure, a Tasmanian specialty! Experience the thrill of catching your own succulent lobsters, and enjoy a delicious seafood feast.

Image credit: Tourism Tasmania

Image credit: Tourism Tasmania

Waubs Bay Beach

Relax on the sun-kissed shores of Waubs Bay Beach, one of Tasmania’s most beautiful and family-friendly beaches. Build sandcastles, take a refreshing swim, or simply bask in the coastal ambiance.

East Coast Natureworld

Encounter Tasmania’s unique wildlife at East Coast Natureworld. Get up close to kangaroos, Tasmanian devils, and other adorable animals at this wildlife sanctuary.

Scenic Lookouts

Hike to scenic lookouts like Whalers Lookout and Diamond Island Lookout for breathtaking views of the coastline and surrounding landscapes.

Image credit: Tasmania.com

Bicheno promises an extraordinary holiday filled with excitement and wonder. So pack your sense of adventure, and get ready to create cherished memories in this coastal paradise!