Explore Holiday & Caravan Parks in
Uluru, NT

Have you ever dreamed of an epic Aussie adventure surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of Uluru, Northern Territory?

Well, hold onto your Akubra hats because Uluru’s holiday and caravan parks are calling your name! Imagine waking up to the majestic sunrise over the iconic red rock, your cozy caravan nestled perfectly amidst the outback splendor.

Whether you’re a seasoned camper or a first-time caravanner, Uluru’s parks offer an unforgettable experience for all. From stargazing under the vast desert sky to exploring ancient Indigenous culture, there’s something for every wanderer at these fantastic parks.

So grab your sunscreen, a boomerang, and a thirst for adventure, and get ready to have the time of your life Down Under! Australia’s heart awaits you in Uluru’s incredible holiday and caravan parks.

Ayers Rock Campground

173 Yulara Dr, Yulara NT 0872, Australia
Yulara, 20 minutes from Uluru
Accommodation Options
Showers and toilets laundry facilities swimming pool BBQ areas outdoor kitchen playground free Indigenous activities
Showers and toilets laundry facilities swimming pool BBQ areas outdoor kitchen playground free Indigenous activities
Price Rating $

Things To Do & See in
Uluru, NT

If you’re planning a ripper holiday in Uluru, get ready for a bonzer time with these must-do activities. Get your didgeridoo ready and let’s dive in!

Image credit: ayersrockresort.com.au

Sunrise at Uluru

Rise and shine early to witness the most stunning sunrise of your life! As the sun paints Uluru with vibrant hues of red and orange, you’ll be gobsmacked by the sheer beauty of this ancient rock formation.

Camel Riding

Experience the outback in style by hopping on a camel and trotting through the desert landscape. These friendly critters will take you on a unique ride, giving you a fresh perspective of the iconic surroundings.

Guided Indigenous Tours

Discover the rich cultural heritage of the Anangu people on a guided tour. Walk in the footsteps of ancient traditions, hear mesmerizing Dreamtime stories, and learn about the spiritual significance of Uluru and Kata Tjuta.

Valley of the Winds

Lace up those boots and embark on a fair dinkum hiking adventure in the Kata Tjuta National Park. The Valley of the Winds walk will take you through striking rock domes and offer awe-inspiring views of the outback landscape.

Sounds of Silence Dinner

Treat yourself to a gourmet experience like no other. Feast on delicious bush tucker as you dine under the stars at the Sounds of Silence dinner. Savor the flavors while being serenaded by the sounds of the didgeridoo – truly an unforgettable evening.

Image credit: ayersrockresort.com.au

Field of Light

Prepare to be dazzled by Bruce Munro’s mesmerizing art installation, the Field of Light. As darkness falls, the desert comes alive with thousands of illuminated stems, creating a magical spectacle you won’t want to miss.


The outback is famous for its clear night skies, and Uluru is no exception. Grab a cozy blanket, lie back, and gaze in wonder at the Southern Hemisphere’s celestial wonders – it’s an astronomical experience like no other.

Tali Wiru Dinner

For a truly exclusive and luxurious experience, indulge in the Tali Wiru dinner. Enjoy gourmet cuisine and premium wines while watching the sunset over Uluru – a moment that will stay with you forever.

Image credit: ayersrockresort.com.au

So there you have it! Uluru offers an abundance of activities that will leave you gobsmacked and grinning from ear to ear. So pack your sense of adventure and let the outback magic sweep you off your feet!