Explore Holiday & Caravan Parks in
Lee Point, NT

Looking for an exhilarating holiday escape? Lee Point in Northern Territory is your perfect destination!

This hidden gem boasts incredible caravan parks that promise an unforgettable adventure. Set against a breathtaking backdrop of azure waters and lush greenery, these parks offer a variety of thrilling activities for all ages.

Embrace the great outdoors with beachside bonfires, sandcastle competitions, and epic water sports. For wildlife enthusiasts, keep an eye out for cheeky wallabies and dazzling birdlife hopping about.

And after a day of fun-filled escapades, treat yourself to a delicious barbecue feast under the stars, sharing laughter and stories with fellow travelers.

So, if you’re seeking an action-packed and nature-infused holiday, pack your spirit of adventure and head to Lee Point for a vacation like no other!

Lee Point Village Resort

622 Lee Point Rd, Lee Point NT 0810, Australia
Lee Point
Accommodation Options
Apartments villas cabins powered and unpowered sites
Swimming pool playground tennis court BBQ area boat ramp
Price Rating $$$

Things To Do & See in
Lee Point, NT

Lee Point in Northern Territory is the ultimate holiday haven with a plethora of exciting activities to enjoy. Here’s a fantastic list of things to do during your unforgettable vacation:

Beachside Bliss

Immerse yourself in the sun-kissed paradise of Lee Point’s stunning beaches. Bask in the warm rays, build sandcastles with friends and family, or simply take a leisurely stroll along the shore.

Wildlife Wonder

Get up close and personal with the unique Australian wildlife! Lee Point is a wildlife enthusiast’s dream, where you can spot cheeky wallabies and colorful birdlife roaming freely in their natural habitat.

Water Sports Galore

Dive into a world of aquatic adventures! From thrilling jet skiing and kayaking to serene paddleboarding, Lee Point’s crystal-clear waters offer endless opportunities for fun on the waves.

Coastal Hiking

Lace up your hiking boots and embark on an unforgettable coastal trail. The scenic walks around Lee Point provide stunning vistas and the chance to spot marine life from elevated viewpoints.

Beach Bonfires and Barbecues

As the sun sets, gather around a crackling beach bonfire, roasting marshmallows and sharing stories with newfound friends. And don’t forget to savor a delicious barbecue feast under the starry skies.

Fishing Frenzy

Grab your fishing gear and cast your line into the deep blue sea. Whether you’re a seasoned angler or a first-timer, Lee Point’s waters are teeming with fish waiting to be caught.

Photography Delight

Photography enthusiasts will be in awe of the picturesque landscapes at Lee Point. Capture breathtaking sunsets, colorful wildlife, and candid moments to cherish forever.

So, pack your sense of adventure and head to Lee Point for an action-packed holiday filled with nature’s wonders and thrilling experiences!